A 5-year goal for opening up different countries for a consumer rewards system could be to expand the program’s reach and increase its customer base by entering new international markets. This would involve conducting thorough market research to identify high-potential regions, establishing strategic partnerships with local businesses, and tailoring the rewards program to meet the unique cultural and consumer preferences of each target country. The goal could also involve investing in localized marketing campaigns and customer support infrastructure to build brand awareness and loyalty in each new market, ultimately driving revenue growth and long-term success.


Wide Market Coverage

CRS is composed of different companies and businesses, which offer all-inclusive needs of consumers.  The potential customers of a vendor are consumers who came from the massive CRS membership. CRS makes the products and services available, with an easy online access for the Consumer Associates.

Increased Profitability

Once the products, services, and companies get on the CRS platform, this means increased chances for consumers to purchase. CRS naturally spreads awareness to the inquiring members and visitors of the website and Mobile Apps.  New customers also spread the word about the products and services that they have recently discovered in the platform.

Increased Client Footfall

CRS offers multi-faceted passive rewards with a high-level impact, where customer satisfaction turns to a good story.  The power of CRS gives the ordinary customers the opportunities for financial rewards. It can motivate them to bring their family and friends in patronizing CRS businesses.

Increased Brand Awareness

For businesses to succeed, the products and services they provide must be known to a target market. CRS offers free web advertising, social media Live Show Marketing Platform, which can reach all the CRS registered and potential consumers.  CRS also provides Referral Link System, AVP (Audio Video Presentations) for each vendor and digital marketing support system.



Consumer Care Rewards will serve as the booster for the Consumer Associate to help and motivate Consumer Associates under their organization to work on the CRS opportunities. Consumer Associates are entitled to 10% Consumer Care Rewards of the Reward of all Direct Sponsors from their Consumer Infinite Rewards.

Consumer Service Excellence

We are dedicated in satisfying the needs of our Consumers and business partners; moreover, we honor and achieve the commitments we make with them. 

Alignment and Accountability

We accept responsibility for our actions. We make and support business decisions through factual details, valuable experiences, and good judgments. 


We treat our team members and consumers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We value members’ contributions.   


We adhere to moral values of goodness, respect, truth and incorruptibility.  


Every group of Members maintains a supportive nature. A member demonstrates thoughtful intentions of empowerment, personally and professionally. Members understand the value of great teamwork, for CRS believes that the strength of the team is each individual member. 

Passion for Results 

We show confidence, enthusiasm, and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to selling and delivering high quality of products and services.  

Optimistic Attitude

A Member attributes a positive demeanor in all his/her dealings. The energy of CRS mindset is the essence of achieving our vision.